LogoCereal Monthly Update: February 2022

LogoCereal Monthly Update: February 2022

As February draws to a close, we wanted to highlight some of the biggest changes we've made here at LogoCereal.

LogoCereal Dashboard

A new website

We left it last minute, but our new website is now live. We've worked day and night for the last six months to create a platform where we directly influence how designers are inspired and connected throughout the industry.

You can read more about our new site here.

Outseta Dashboard

Goodbye Gumroad, Hello Outseta!

We love Gumroad and have used it to grow LogoCereal tremendously in the last year, but since day one, we have wanted everything on our site. That's why we're now moving all our products to Outseta. Outseta allows us to gate content, track members and control how we build a community.

LogoCereal Dashboard

A new price

With the launch of our new site, we're introducing a new pricing plan for our products. This plan is three subscription tiers that allow designers to take on our briefs without breaking the bank. Two of those plans are now live, with the third one launching next month.

You can read more about our new pricing system here.

LogoCereal Briefs

Packs and Snacks!

One of the big new additions to LogoCereal is Brief Packs and Snack Packs. These new packs expand the formula we created with Breakfast Briefs and Alphabites and allow designers to take on a series of small rapid challenges.

You can read more about our new briefs here.

Rewardful Dashboard

Affiliate Central

Our affiliates are incredible, and today we're excited to share that we've moved all our affiliates over to Rewardful. Rewardful allows us to track and pay affiliates directly.

You can read more about our affiliate program here.

As always, there's a lot we're working on behind the scenes, but February marks the start of us pushing to take LogoCereal full-time and make it a long-term project.

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