Welcome to the new LogoCereal, a place to help designers strive

Welcome to the new LogoCereal, a place to help designers strive

We (Jacob Ham & Matthias Vancoillie) originally began LogoCereal, in 2018 to help bring designers together as a community. We started it purely out of our love for design, mainly logo design. But, unfortunately, the project got off to a bumpy start as we cancelled a few months after the original announcement.

At the start of 2021, we both randomly started talking about the idea of restarting it, and one thing led to another, and then one day, we both agreed to give it another shot. So, fast forward a couple of months, and today, June 18th 2021, we're proud to share an all-new LogoCereal and one that will hopefully fulfil its original promise of helping designers all around the globe.

LogoCereal Logo Trailer

A new logo

First of all, we loved the original logo... but with our new approach, it only seemed fair to move on. We've both grown so much as designers, and we wanted to reflect that within our new identity.

We spent time reworking our old logo during the early stages of development and knew straight away that we wanted to keep the colours but refine them to a more strict palette with only 5-6 colours instead of 9. We wanted to simplify the entire LogoCereal brand, and it all started with the colours.

Our new logo takes inspiration from our original logo, keeping the ovals(aka cereal flakes) and combining them with the letter C and a bowl to create a more personal icon that feels more creative and in tune with our vision as a whole.

We love our new logo and could talk about it for ages, but we'll wait and do that in another blog post once we've finished the case study.

LogoCereal Logo Trailer

Our new brand

A new logo meant building an entirely new brand. We didn't have an existing brand to build from, so we started from scratch. Starting from zero presented us with the opportunity where we had ultimate freedom and get more creative with how our brand expresses itself online and off.

Our new identity was built upon various aspects of our new logo, using the cereal flakes as different patterns and devices. The new patterns and tone of voice allow us to create a system that helps make the brand feel like it's always evolving and growing.

Above is a small sneak peek of our new brand identity, but please note, we'll share more in the case study we mentioned earlier in this post.

LogoCereal Logo Trailer

Our new website

When we first originally launched LogoCereal back in 2018, the project was nothing more than a social media account. We bought the domain but never acted upon it. This time around, we've set the foundation of what LogoCereal will eventually grow into, and that's a place where designers can interact with briefs, content and other designers.

For the time being, our website acts as a hub for designers to stay updated on the latest industry news, our latest products and anything else we announce.

The horizon

Although we've only just launched, we're still hard at work to finalise the first set of premium briefs and many other digital products. These products aim to build on the foundation of our soon to be announced Breakfast Briefs initiative that looks to keep designers proactive daily through small, simple challenges.

We're also tweaking and amending parts of our website to improve the experience in the long term. These tweaks range from smaller things such as altering font sizes to adding bigger features like a login system.

There's still a lot to be done, and there's a lot on the horizon, but we couldn't be any more excited to share this journey with you.

Until next time,

Jacob & Matt

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