The LogoCereal Taster Pack

The LogoCereal Taster Pack is a small preview of some of the tasks designers will attempt with our Premium challenges.
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4 briefs - Bite-sized logo design briefs to get you motivated.

4 extension tasks - Extension tasks help you develop your skills beyond logo design.

A helping hand - Helpful tips, videos and suggestions to guide you on your journey.

Join the community - Feedback and advice from other designers taking part.

Resources - Bonus resources and freebies to keep you motivated daily.



Brief 1: Treegaroo

Brief 2: CrewBrew

Brief 3: AllTheFeels

Brief 4: CrispCoin






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Putting community first

All our products are built with the goal of helping designers expand and fill their portfolio, and with that, we're dedicated to creating a community of designers that bounce off each other.

The LogoCereal Taster Pack

"A really great challenge for newer designers and older designers to sharpen their skills and get some good practice. It's a great project by Jacob and Matt. I love it."

Jordi Klavers
Graphic designer
The LogoCereal Taster Pack

"Easily the best product out there to challenge & expand your creative vision as a designer. Highly recommended!"

Sumer Mavi
Graphic designer
The LogoCereal Taster Pack

"The best product you can get to build your portfolio if you are just starting out! When you finish all the briefs you will have a lot of beautiful work that you can showcase to your future clients!"

Leonardo Mrkonjić
Graphic designer
The LogoCereal Taster Pack

"My absolute número uno recommendation for starting and experienced designers looking to practice their skills on multiple levels! Would be stupid not to try it."

Noah Thertel
Graphic designer
The LogoCereal Taster Pack

"Not only are Breakfast Briefs great for improving your creative abilities but they are also great for growing your social media and clientele."

Luis Barajas
Graphic designer
The LogoCereal Taster Pack

"Great tool to practice and challenge your skillset with creative briefs."

Magnus Hvidtfeldt
Graphic designer

Made by the community

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What's the difference between this and the previous Breakfast Briefs product?

The new version is more refined and introduces new features that we couldn't release as a monthly membership. The Breakfast Briefs Challenge sets the foundation of the long-term goals here at LogoCereal.

What's the difference between the free and premium edition?

The Premium Edition includes more briefs, tips and extra content that improve the Breakfast Briefs experience. You can compare the features between the two editions here.

I was a member of the old Breakfast Briefs, can I get a discount?

Yes. If you signed up before we released this updated version, you should have received an email regarding a 66% discount. Please reach out to us at: if you'd like us to resend this email.

I finished the Free Edition, but how do I upgrade?

Yes. Once you've finished the Free Edition, you'll receive an email from us with a discount and a guide to signing up for the Premium Edition.

Is there a free version?

Not at this moment in time.

Is this a one-time payment?

Yes. Once you've signed up or purchased, you'll have lifetime access and receive free updates without having to pay anything else.

Are these real briefs?

No. These briefs are conceptual, but they're based on real-life businesses and products to create some form of realism.

What's does the collaborative brief include?

The collaborative brief is where you get given the logo of a real-life business (One we've been allowed to use) and you'll complete a series of non-official tasks based on their guidelines. The business is not allowed to use your work unless you give permission.

What's does the collaborative brief include?

We update our website with features and entries every Monday and Thursday. Please reach out to us if your work still hasn't been featured after those two days.

Can I use these briefs in my portfolio?

Yes. However, you can't resell or rehash the written content of these briefs as your own digital product without our permission.

Can I change the time I receive my emails?

Not at this moment in time. The emails are sent based on the time you signup. We'll update this if and when Gumroad adds this as a feature.

Can I get a refund?

Due to this being a digital product, there are no refunds, but you can unsubscribe from the emails at any moment.