Brief 19: Sorsweeti

Welcome to brief 19 of The Alphabites Design Challenge.

Below you can find your brief, a few helpful tips, and a small guide to taking your entry to the next level.

Logo design brief

Create a logo for Sorsweeti, an Artisanal Sorbet shop based in the South of Italy.

Extension task

Create or mockup a set of shirts that the employees of Sorsweeti can wear.

A bite-sized tip

A great way to research and learn more about certain brands is by becoming a customer yourself. For example, today's brief centres around chocolate, which means you have the perfect excuse to go buy some and explore how they are branded and placed on the shelf. It's also worth considering that some confectionery brands such as Tony's market their products based on things they are against. It's your job as a designer to ensure you understand the target audience.

Bonus tasks

  • — Share your design in the feedback channel on the LogoCereal Discord Server to develop your entry further.
  • — Post your design on social media using the #LogoCereal hashtag, and don't forget to tag the LogoCereal account in your post.
  • — Submit your entry to the Live Feed using the members-only submission form.
  • — Enjoy the rest of your day!


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