Brief 23: WenDrop

Welcome to brief 23 of The Alphabites Design Challenge.

Below you can find your brief, a few helpful tips, and a small guide to taking your entry to the next level.

Logo design brief

Create a logo for WenDrop, a social media account dedicated to sharing the latest NFT and Web3 news.

Extension task

Design a series of Instagram post layouts for WenDrop to share the latest news, weekly round-ups and even statistics about crypto.

A bite-sized tip

Nothing major today, but remember to explore how your logo design can be used at different sizes. Brands use their logos in countless ways, such as social avatars, merchandise, and even favicons. The worst thing that can happen is your design losing its flare when scaled down to these small sizes.

Bonus tasks

  • — Share your design in the feedback channel on the LogoCereal Discord Server to develop your entry further.
  • — Post your design on social media using the #LogoCereal hashtag, and don't forget to tag the LogoCereal account in your post.
  • — Submit your entry to the Live Feed using the members-only submission form.
  • — Enjoy the rest of your day!


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