Brief 7: Gridway

Welcome to brief seven of The Alphabites Design Challenge.

Below you can find your brief, a few helpful tips, and a small guide to taking your entry to the next level.

Logo design brief

Develop a logo for Gridway, an online tool that generates HTML and CSS grids for designers and developers to use.

Extension task

Create a simplistic one-pager for Gridway that allows users to create, generate, and copy grids.

A bite-sized tip

For today's extension task, spend a little time looking at places like Layoutit and CSS Grid Generator to see how you could make your design work visually. We don't expect you to understand HTML or CSS, but as a designer, you'll occasionally get a brief that you know nothing about, and it's your job to research a little.

Bonus tasks

  • — Share your design in the feedback channel on the LogoCereal Discord Server to develop your entry further.
  • — Post your design on social media using the #LogoCereal hashtag, and don't forget to tag the LogoCereal account in your post.
  • — Submit your entry to the Live Feed using the members-only submission form.
  • — Enjoy the rest of your day!

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