Brief 29: Remdew

Welcome to brief 29 of The Breakfast Briefs Challenge.

Below you can find your brief, a few helpful tips and a small guide to taking your entry to the next level.

Logo design brief

Develop a logo for Remdew, a free app that reminds people to water their plants.

Extension task

Develop and create a set of mockups that highlights how the Remdew logo can be used as an app icon on IOS devices.

A bite-sized tip

Stop trying to multitask. It doesn't work, and it distracts you from your main focus. Doing multiple tasks makes us feel like we're getting more done, but it's a lie. The reality is, we never genuinely multitask. We switch between one or two tasks in quick succession and never actually focus on either of them. You need to stop multitasking and start focusing on one thing at a time. Pick one task and ride it out. You'll find that you'll finish that individual task quicker and at a higher standard. Stop multitasking and start finishing one task before you start another.

Bonus tasks

  • — Share your design in the feedback channel on the LogoCereal Discord Server to develop your entry further.
  • — Post your design on social media using the #LogoCereal hashtag, and don't forget to tag the LogoCereal account in your post.
  • — Submit your entry to the Live Feed using the members-only submission form.
  • — Enjoy the rest of your day!

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